EU Delegation visits Hazaribagh Tannery.

Two members of European Union (EU) Delegation comprising Mr. Konstantinos VARDAKIS, Minister Counselor and Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the EU Delegation to Bangladesh, and Mr. Abu Sayed Belal, EU Trade Advisor visited Hazaribagh Tannery on 6th September, 2016.

The EU Delegation received by the representative of BTA and the Managing Director of LEXCO Limited, Mr. Md Harun-or-Rashid. They discussed about the relocating of Tanneries in Savar Tannery Etate and the present situation of leather sector.

Mr. Konstantinos VARDAKIS visited each and every section of leather processing units and satisfied for the tannery activities and environment.

Awareness Programme (Safety & Security of Foreigner Working in Tannery Industry)

An Awareness programmer on ‘Safety and Security of Foreigner working in Tannery Industry’ was held at BTA office on 13 August, 2016 in collaboration with Dhaka Metropolitan Police. Chaired by Md. Shaheen Ahmed Chairman, BTA where Deputy Police Commissioner (west), DMP, ADDL; Deputy Commissioner (west), DMP, Assistant; Police Commissioner (west) ,DMP and the Local Hazaribag Thana Officer in Charge were attended the awareness programme.

Among Others BTA General Secretary Md. Shakawat Ullah, Association Secretary Mohammad Nurul Islam, BTA Adviser Md. Shamsul Huda and foreigner working in tanneries were present.

During the discussion the Deputy Commissioner (west), DMP assured the foreigner for their security from the law enforcing agencies and advised them to move with safety. Any occurrence happens to them they should inform the local Thana immediately. Mr. Shaheen Ahmed thanked The Deputy Police Commissioner, DMP and other members for the measures taken by the police department.

Progress of the works in the Tannery Industrial Estate, Dhaka project area.

Construction works is going in full swing at Tannery Industrial Estate, Dhaka (TIED)  are classified into two categories – (1) those to be completed by the  project implementing agency (BSCIC) and (2) those to be done by the tannery owners. In principle, the two groups will proceed simultaneously. So that the construction made by BSCIC may not be left unused in case the relocation of tanneries lag behind. Similarly tanneries shifted to TIED may not sit idle and fail to start production in case the constructions of BSCIC remain incomplete. Following is the state of progress (as on 31.05.2016) of works by both the parties:-



Ø  Of the 4 modules of CETP, civil construction works of 2 are almost completed, though not fully ready for operation.

Ø  Mechanical works have not been completed. Some of the required machineries and equipments have not yet been established.

Ø  Effluent Pumping System (EPS) connecting individual industrial units with the CETP through pipes is still incomplete.

Ø  The rest 2 modules will need much time to be completed.

Common Chrome Recovery Unit (CCRU)
: There will be 3 units of this component. Of them progress of construction of 1 unit is worth mentioning while that of the rest 2 is in initial stage.
Dumping Yard
: Construction works are at very initial stage. Much time will be required to make it ready for use.
Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
: Construction works yet to be started
Sludge Power Generation System (SPGS)
: Construction works yet to be started
Solid Waste Management System (SWMS)
: Construction works yet to be started
: Connecting pipes in the TIED have been set up. Entrepreneurs have applied for GAS connection. It is under process. No connection to any individual unit has so far been established.
: Temporary connection for construction work have been given. Tannery owners have applied for permanent connection for running the factories.  Their applications are under process. A good number of existing electric poles have been badly damaged. They need replacement.


2015-2016 Export Performance of Leather Sector.

2015-2016 Export Performance of Leather Sector:

  • 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Export Revenue Target Of Leather Sector Is USD 1212.81 Million.
  • 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Export Revenue Is USD 1160.95 Million.
  • 2015-2016 Export Revenue Has Fallen In Fiscal Year Is USD 51.86 Million.

Last Six Year Export Performance Of Leather Sector:

(Value in million USD)

Leather  Product


  Export % of Total Export % of Total Export % of Total
2010-2011 297.73 45.75 55.42 8.51 297.80 45.74 651.05 563.81 41.76 %
2011-2012 330.16 43.24 99.36 12.99 335.51 43.86 765.03 792.34 17.50 % +113.98
2012-2013 399.73 40.76 161.62 16.48 419.32 42.76 980.67 945.50 28.18 % +215.64
2013-2014 505.54 39.02 240.09 18.53 550.11 42.45 1295.74 1214.92  32.19% +315.74
2014-2015 397.54 35.16 249.16 22.04 483.81 42.80 1130.51 1397.28 -12.75% -266.77
2015-2016 277.90 23.94 388.22 33.44 494.83 42.62 1160.95 1212.81 2.69% -51.86

Tannery Industry Overview of Bangladesh.

Leather is one of the most prospective industries in Bangladesh. It has enough scope for both vertical and horizontal expansion in terms of economic return and social benefits.

Bangladesh is 59.81 million heads of livestock population consisting of :

  • 25 million cow heads,
  • 85 million buffalo heads,
  • 59 million goat heads and
  • 12 million sheep heads.

The annual supply of hides and skins is about 300 million square feet, Out of which :

  • 64% are cow hides,
  • 82% goat skins,
  • 25% buffalo hides and
  • 10% sheep skins.

Yearly Scenarios of leather of our country:

  • 300 million sqft both crust and finished leather export along with cow head leather for local consumption.
  • Around 146300 ton hides and skins produce
  • Around 50000 ton of usable split has produced from 146300 ton of raw hides during tanning process.
  • More than 90% of this split has been sold or exported to different countries without any further tanning process with a very minimum price.